Forbidden Jungle Starter Set


All Kardtects (card architects) build upon the strength and excellence of a Kardtects CORE foundation:

Creativity. Imaginations are endless and Kardtects encourages this creative nature in each person.
Originality. Kardtects Cards, Destroyers, & Disks are completely original.  The timeless activity of card building, (and the knocking down) is achieving new levels.
Rewarding. Getting back to basics and applying skills of hands on play is incredibly rewarding.
Engaging. Kardtects engage in creating their constructions, and then in demolishing them.  They can play Kardtects War either in solo play or choose to challenge other Kardtects.

The CORE of all Kardtects Sets brings to life the winning combination of Creating and Destroying for Never-ending FUN!



Add the Forbidden Jungle Expansion Pack to a Starter Box for more Collectible Building Cards!

Quickly build a mighty fortress in order to stave off powerful Destroyers from inside the dense, green jungle. Can you build a hut that withstands the forces of the Forbidden Jungle?!

What’s in the box?

The Forbidden Jungle set features the common bamboo wall cards. Within the box are 85 exclusive Kardtects bamboo building cards with green flipsides. The set includes 20 thatch roof cards, 2 common jungle hut door cards and 3 common jungle hut window cards. Along with the 110 common building cards is ONE ultra rare collectible building card, 2 collectible Kardtects Destroyer Disks, 5 card stands, and 1 quick instruction card.


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