The Next Generation of Building Cards!

Award Winning Building Toy
Kardtects Building Cards: Award Winning Toy

KARDTECTS makes it easier, faster, and more rewarding than ever before to build card structures.

No longer do you have to struggle to build a card house by trying to build with ordinary, smaller, and more slippery playing cards.

YOU can use Kardtects building cards which are specifically made for building card houses.

Kardtects Building Cards are the Ultimate Building Card.

  • Unique in Texture: offering more grip so not to easily slip
  • Perfect in Thickness: offering the best strength and ease in builds
  • Ideal size for building and for hands of children
  • EXCLUSIVE and COLLECTIBLE designs and features

In the above video we show Kardtects Building Cards coming to action.  Demonstrating the construction of a small but incredible card house.

Join the Fun!

Each pack of Kardtects includes not only the exclusive Kardtects building cards to enable the building of amazing card structures, but also the collectible Kardtects Destroyer Disks. Combined, these winning elements make the building and the knocking down of Kardtects creations an exciting experience. The fun never stops!

Go Ahead and Become a Kardtect (card architect).

Kardtects Imagine, Build, Destroy